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It is challenging for companies worldwide to make purchase in China. Globalized and integrated international economic relationship not only has created opportunities for business cooperation, but also has brought massive challenges for various organizations. Enterprises all over the world are pointing spotlight on China for it is a large market, a production base and a powerful dynamics which promotes global economic growth.
DE is a growing industrial company with multiple platforms, supplying for global terminal market. It takes leading share of the market and owns highly credited brand. DE is a manufacturing group integrating research, design, production and sales together. Its top manufacturing factories supply a wide range of products, from various components to finished assemblies.
Suoda Coupling Co., Ltd. is the only company that has its own brand subordinated to DE Group, which was founded in 1996. Over the past decades, Souda has accumulated a mass of technology wealth and production power. We have a number of development patents for new products and well capture the ability to overcome technical problems in the use of couplings. Continuously innovating our products to meet the increasingly competitive market demands and customer needs has been our subject. Our core products contain Gear Couplings, Grid Couplings, Disc Couplings, Universal Joints and their components. “Setting quality as essence, innovation as power, agility as chances and customer benefits as orientation” is the common goal chased by Souda employees.
We have 94 employees, including 9 staff of R&D team, 12 staff of quality management team and 60 staff of production team. Souda has achieved $ 6.5 million of annual sales, with $ 2.5 million of fixed assets. Our company covers an area of 16,800 square meters, among which the building area occupies 8,800 square meters.

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