Gear Couplings
China Gear Coupling Manufacturer Suoda Supplies Gear Couplings, Geared shaft coupling including GA, GB, GC, GD, GE, GF, GS, GZ, GJ Series.
In today's transmission system industry, the function and role of couplings is different. However, the largest application is mainly to transfer power such as couplings in shafting transmission of mechanical products in heavy duty, metallurgy, mine, machinery, crane transport, petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, automobile, engine, shipping, water pumps, draught fan, compressors, etc.
The development of technology and industry promotes the evolution of high-power, high-speed, high-precision and low-speed, heavy load machinery products and equipment, and raises new requirements for transmission coupling. Besides transfer torque and motion, it is also required to offset the relative shift of two shafts, improve the transmission efficiency and accuracy, decrease energy consumption and improve transmission performance for light weight, large load carrying capacity, high reliability, etc. In this case, the gear coupling is an ideal solution.
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