Grid Couplings
China Grid Coupling Manufacturer Suoda Supplies Grid Couplings, T10, T20, T31, T35, T50, T63, T70, T90 Types, Vertical and Horizontal Installation.

A grid coupling is made up of several groups of serpentine springs which surrounding tooth space of two half a couple to transfer movement and power. The external enclosed cover prevents the spring from being thrown under the action of centrifugal force. Lubricating oil exists inside cover, which lubricating the contact between spring and the tooth surface in case of dry friction.

Structure and Application of Grid Couplings
Structural Types of Grid Couplings
Model Selection of Grid Couplings
Rapid Cooling Setup and Connection of Grid Couplings
Carrying and Storage of Grid Couplings
Installation and Adjustment of Grid Couplings
Usage and Maintenance of Grid Couplings
Basic Info for Model Selection of Grid Couplings
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