Our Team
Superior teams of Suoda company gurantees high efficient, great corporate management, customer satisfied products and services.

“Setting quality as essence, innovation as power, agility as chances and customer benefits as orientation” is the common goal chased by Souda employees.
* Adhere to ethical standards of conduct
Our philosophy guides our employees to strictly adhere to ethical standards in contact with customers, suppliers and public institutions.
* Play team advantage of the organization
We are a team with integrity, principles and beliefs. We create a fair and impartial atmosphere, play the organizational ability of team, maintain good communication and mutually respect each other to manage the operations.
* Healthy and safe operating system
We will try to provide a safe and healthy working environment, establish trustworthy bridge between the employees and the company, and continue to improve staff’s awareness on health and safety. We are trying to assure that our company and employees can achieve real values.

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Fax: +86 511 85347508
Cell: +86 13775559804
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